About Us

City Life International is a multi-cultural church in Sheffield affiliated with the Assemblies of God. The Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jim Master, began his ministry here eleven years ago with a simple message, to “Pass it on.”

Pastor Jim’s heart is to see people praying more and mentoring one another so that God’s Kingdom can flourish. The Thursday evening Prayer Break through meetings have been pivotal to the church growing and prayer is happening throughout the week in other group meetings too! Pastor Jim believes the church has grown numerically and spiritually as a result of increased prayer.

To see a generation of people gain more biblical knowledge so their lives align up with the word of God and one of the ways this can be achieved is by joining our Bible School. Our school is an inspirational one that aims to motivate and help people grow in their faith.

Prayer and praise is instrumental to our Sunday services; with lively and powerful worship followed by life challenging messages brought to you by the Senior Pastor and guest speakers.

Senior Pastor

Pastor Jim Master – Senior Pastor of City Life International, Sheffield UK, India and Kenya

Pastor Jim Master comes from an apostolic back ground and has seen amazing breakthrough throughout his life. He has achieved a BA in Bible Studies, an MA in Conflict Management and a Doctor’s Degree in Religious Studies.

He was in business for 20 years before leaving to embark in full-time ministry. His gifting is motivating and mobilising people in biblical teaching and the prophetic. He has written three books/courses: Pass it on! Leadership and Discipleship, Christian Development Course and Living a Christian Life with Significance. They can be purchased by emailing admin1@citylifecc.com.

Pass it On!

….It is our responsibility as leaders and mentors of succeeding generations to heed both the teaching of scripture and also the lessons of our experience. Whatever those experiences might be – both good and bad – they provide a vital learning curve on the road of Christian discipleship. Armed with this knowledge, let us grow into what Paul calls “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.’ (Ephesians 4:13)