Christian Development Course

Christian Development Course is a forum where the church welcomes people that are new to the Christian faith as well as people new to City Life International Church from other churches.

A series of 10 brief lessons are covered with a goal of helping believers understand fundamental biblical truth and teachings. This helps believers to grow, develop and mature in the faith, equipping them to serve God.

Lessons are held after the Sunday service, each lesson lasting for about 20 mins.  Lessons are quite informal and allows for questions at the end of the lesson.

Notes containing the lesson material are provided every session. Students also benefit from other resources issued freely, which include a Bible and copies of books authored by the senior pastor of the church.

Lessons covered include; Water Baptism, the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Developing your Faith, Tithes & Offering, Healing, Marriage & Divorce. null

Pass it on! by Dr. Jim Master