Prayer for Today – 04/04/20

History has proven calling the Nations to Pray and fast, so that the War will be over with COVID-19 and can be effective!

World War One – The 1st Phase In the spring of 1918, news came back home to Britain that the German army had broken through the allied lines on mainland Europe causing heavy casualties. Their reserves were almost exhausted, so that the allies were on the verge of defeat. When the situation became desperate, King George V called Britain to a day of prayer with fasting on 4th August. At Westminster, he led the people in turning to God, just like the godly kings of the old testament period did. Four days later, on the 8th August, the famous battle of Amiens began; the first of a series of brilliant victories in the British Sector. Later at Bethune, near the Belgian border, the German troops were given the order to advance in a massive attack on the allies suddenly, up through the smoke of the battle, a brigade of white uniformed cavalry soldiers appeared, all mounted on white horses, riding forward in precise formation. The German forces concentrated explosive shells and machine gun fire upon them, but they came on steadily, not one falling, led by their awe inspiring leader with shining, golden hair. He was seated on a white charger. In spite of heavy firing, the white cavalry advanced remorselessly as fate toward the German army. Suddenly awful fear and panic seized the entire army, who turned and fled terror stricken, throwing down their weapons. As the angels of God came down to fight in response to the national day of prayer and fasting, it was also the time of turning round the tide of war in favour of the allies advance. By 11th November 1918, a truce was signed and the war was over.


Dear Lord, it is not by “might, nor by power, but by His Spirit that this war will be over. We thank you that you know all things and everything is under your feet and is in your hands. We pray that Christian politicians will rise up and call for a day of prayer and fasting!
We thank you for your mercy and love!

Pastor Jim Master