Prayer for Today – 11/04/20

Between a Rock and a hard place! Sometimes God uses events to bring out miracles we can so easily miss and looking at the burial of Jesus Christ, we are face to face with some astounding truth. I mean, generally, all of us who are a part of the Christian faith are aware of the significance of the cross of Christ. But between the crucifixion and the resurrection, there is the burial of Jesus. And at first thought, it would seem to be anything but miraculous, a rather mundane and necessary act with little or no consequence except for what happens on both ends of it. The burial of Jesus Christ is as supernatural and as miraculous in many ways as was His death and as will be His resurrection. It is a marvelous and thrilling account of supernatural intervention in every detail in the life of Christ…from His birth to His burial to His resurrection, everything is controlled by God the Father for the fulfillment of divine purpose and prophecy.


Dear Father, there may be things in front of us now that may seem mundane and insignificant, but they are there for a purpose and to fulfil your entire will. Forgive us,that we don’t always look at the bigger picture and everything is significant to you. Amen!

Pastor Jim