Prayer for Today – 12/04/20

Removal of Leavening

How do we get “leavening” out of our homes? Great question, because it is not as easy as you think. Most people think of leavening as being in bread only. And while bread is typically where you find leavening, you find it in a lot of unlikely places too.

The Hebrew word that is translated as “leavening” in the Bible is seor, which actually means starter dough. That is flour and water made into dough and left out for the natural yeast in the air to ferment. This dough is then added to a larger batch of dough to leaven it. So, bread, pancakes, cake, cookies, some pasta, all must be removed from the home for the week.
The kitchen is not the only place that you will find chametz or leavened food hiding. We also find it in our air vents, our couch cushions, and in the corners of your room. It is EVERYWHERE!

So are our desires to pursue things outside of God’s reign, such as sin. For Christians, cleaning out your home of leavened products is a truly deep time of reflection as well as a teaching moment for your children.
The point is not to simply get everything out of your home.

If you get every crumb of leavening out of your home and still have arrogance, malice, and unforgiveness in your heart, then you have achieved nothing. This practice needs to reflect what is happening in your heart, not simply your home.


Dear Lord, we pray for a cleansing of our nation. That everything that is not of you will be taken out and purged and purified. Amen

Pastor Jim