Courses & Teachings

Christian Development Course

The Christian Development Course is a rolling course which runs throughout the year, taking place immediately after the Sunday service and lasting for 20-30 minutes.

The Christian Development course covers a range of topics such as the Holy Spirit, water baptism, tithing etc. and is designed to give new believers and new members an overview of what we believe as a church. The course helps to equip newcomers so that they can participate in church ministry and also allows them to confirm that City Life International is the right church for them.

After completion of the course, each participant is awarded with a certificate and given a copy of the Christian Development Course booklet.

Living with Significance

Living a Christian Life with Significance is the follow-up course to the Christian Development Course.

Following completion of the Christian Development Course, newcomers are welcome to attend Living a Christian Life with Significance, where they can learn more about how to live as a true follower of Christ.

Please check back soon to find out when this course will next be running.

Dating without mating

The Dating Without Mating course is aimed at young people and single adults who are seeking marriage or may wish to be married in the future.

At City Life, we believe that those who are single and decide to date, should do so with a view to marriage. This course focuses on relevant topics such as finding the right partner, being the right partner and setting appropriate boundaries within relationships.

Please check back soon to find out when this course will next be running.

Theological teachings